There are a lot of politically relevant videos on YouTube which commenter’s on this General Election 2010 website want to post in their comments. Unfortunately WordPress (the software used to run this website) doesn’t easily allow all commenter’s to post an embeded YouTube video (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t!).

Fortunately there’s a WordPress plugin (Smart YouTube) which with allows commenter’s to easily post YouTube videos as comments.

How to Embed a YouTube Video as a Comment

How to Embed a YouTube Video into WordPress via Smart YouTube Plugin

Visit YouTube

Find a relevant political video.

On the right hand side you will find a box with a URL and embed link (see image to right).

Copy the text from the URL box.

Paste the URL link into your comment and add the letter v after the http part of the URL to give something like:


Add whatever other text you wish to add to your comment and press submit.

The Smart YouTube Plugin will convert the link into the correct embeded YouTube video code format.

Please use this feature responsibly, if dozens of YouTube videos are posted popular pages could get very long.