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David Cameron Biography (from the Conservative Party website)

David was elected Leader of the Conservative Party in December 2005, on a mandate to change the Party and change the country. Since then he has set out plans to rebuild our battered economy, revive our beleaguered NHS and repair our broken society.

David’s family has always been the starting point of everything he has wanted to achieve in politics. He is proud of the values that were instilled in him when he was young. Today, as a father, he knows how important quality family time is, and has made shared parental leave a priority. David, Samantha and their young children live in London and West Oxfordshire, where he has been MP for Witney since 2001. Very sadly their much loved eldest child, Ivan, six, who suffered from cerebral palsy and severe epilepsy, died on 25 February 2009.

Before he became an MP, David worked in business and government. He worked as a Special Adviser in government, first to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and then to the Home Secretary.

Afterwards he spent seven years at Carlton Communications, one of the UK’s leading media companies, and served on the management Board.

David’s experience in business made him appreciate first hand the damaging effect which red tape and high taxes can have on job creation.

At a time when the country is in recession, and people are worried about losing their jobs, he believes there is urgent need for change.

He published plans for a National Loan Guarantee Scheme to get money flowing to business again. He has called for tax breaks for pensioners, and the abolition of income tax on savings for basic rate taxpayers, in the 2009 Budget. At a time when families are suffering, he has announced plans for a freeze in council tax for two years by cutting wasteful Government spending. He believes we need to cut employment costs for small businesses by cutting National Insurance and through a tax break for new jobs, and that government needs to live within its means to help tackle the doubling of the national debt.

David’s vision is of a country where people have more opportunity and power over their lives; a country where families are stronger and society is more responsible; a Britain which is safer and greener.

* MP for Witney, June 2001 –
* Range of Shadow Ministerial Posts 2003-5, including Shadow Secretary of State for Education
* Leader of the Opposition December 2005-


* Getting the Conservative Party listened to again


* Playing tennis
* Growing vegetables and cooking


* Married to Samantha
* Children: Nancy and Elwen. Sadly their eldest child, Ivan, died on 25 February 2009.

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