Most ‘official’ election 2010 opinion polls point to the Conservatives gaining the highest percentage of the popular vote, however the poll on this site with almost 100,000 voters shows the Lib Dems with the highest popular vote.

What most recent election polls also show is it’s highly unlikely the Conservatives win the 2010 election with an outright majority (minimum 326 seats/MPs), AKA we are most likely looking at a hung parliament on May 7th.

History tells us political polls can be completely wrong, so what would it mean to Britain if the Conservative Party formed a majority government on May 7th?

If the Conservatives Win on May 6th

I believe we will see massive cuts in government spending, an age of austerity as Cameron put it. I anticipate the Tories hiding the cuts by calling them efficiency savings, but they will be cuts and they will be to front live services.

I believe they will increase tax receipts including VAT after their emergency budget. I would not be shocked to see VAT at 20% by the end of the year!

I believe the Tories will repeal the hunting ban, again allowing dogs to rip foxes that have been bred for the hunt to pieces while still alive in the name of a barbaric sport!

I believe the Tories will try to reduce the national minimum wage over time.

I believe they will erode working peoples rights like their plans to ignore the working time directive.

I believe the Tories will no longer prioritise the NHS and we’ll see the benefits Labour have brought to the NHS slowly slip away.

I could go on and on, what do you think?