It would appear by the time we all head off to bed tonight the Conservatives under David Cameron will have or will be very close to a deal with Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats to secure David Cameron as the new Prime Minister of Great Britain.

As a Labour voter (though not a strong Labour supporter) I can only hope the Liberal Democrats as the Conservatives partners in government can temper their recklessness with regards the economy and planned public sector spending cuts. I’m not holding my breath though.

I wish Gordon Brown well and hope he finds the success he sought as PM in whatever he does next. It could be worse Gordon, you could be David Cameron trying to hold a weak minority Conservative government together during the worst global recession since World War II.

I wonder if it will be Tory George Osbourne or Lib Dem Vince Cable that will be the new chancellor of the exchequer, or someone else like Tory Kenneth Clark?

Anyone else see being Prime Minister right now a very BAD career move?

Though I suppose had David Cameron not made Prime Minister at this election it’s highly unlikely he’d have survived another stint in opposition as Conservative leader. One Tory said the Conservatives could have put a Muppet as the Tory leader against Gordon Brown and achieved the current results :-) I don’t think the Conservatives are particularly impressed with David Cameron going from a clear majority in the polls a year or so ago to on May 6th a hung parliament.