Let play a game of what if….

What if on May 6th the Conservative party won the election?

Among other things Great Britain would look fine, supporters would cheer, parties would get on with it on the whole, people would be happy.

But then as the months prevailed cracks would start to show, the toff-nosed Tories would start to drag Britain on the down hill slope:

They would lift the hunting ban that is currently in place a ban that was supported by over 50% of the population of Britain. The Tories would let foxes be ripped apart at the teeth of hounds in your name, and because they are in power we wont be able to do a thing about it.
With hound parading around rural locations tearing foxes limb from limb do we really want this in our country?

Foxes are beautiful innocent animals that do not harm us, now if a farmer was to shoot a fox on his land that was infringing on his property and endangering the lives of his animals, then that would be acceptable.

All the Conservative care about is their bum-chums (their pals) and anyone who is rich.

David Cameron Fox Hunting Political CartoonIn my opinion fox hunting is cruel wrong and should be illegal and the selfish, cruel Conservatives will condone the murder of these helpless animals. They would subject a fox to a torturous death being ripped apart by hounds they are damn right evil.

And David Cameron leader of the conservatives and prime ministerial candidate supports Hunting and would lift the ban that is currently in place in effect leading the hunt masters to the kill.

Even the Nazis knew it was wrong and they implied a ban on fox hunting in 1933, and they killed six million Jewish citizens (the holocaust).

They would make these mistakes and more if they are in government.


Caleb Law age 13