The Barking and Dagenham (North London) Parliamentary Constituency will be the battle ground for the British National Party leader Nick Griffin (MEP) during the 2010 General Election.

Currently the parliamentary seat is held by Labour Margaret Hodge, but in the 2006 council elections the BNP gained 12 of the 51 council seats, making the BNP the party with the second highest number of councilors (Labour have 38).

The BNP hope this will be one of their break through parliamentary constituencies (currently the BNP have no MPs) and will be targeting this seat in the coming months.

General Election 2010 Barking Parliamentary Constituency

County/Area: Barking and Dagenham (North London)
Current MP: Margaret Hodge (LAB)

2005 Votes2005 Share2010 Prediction
Main Independent6,60817.38%17.38%
Liberal Democrats4,62212.16%10.02%
Other Parties2,952 7.77%11.57%
LAB Majority11,15229.34%Pred Maj15.68%

Results for 2005 implied from new boundary calculations:

Safe Seat and voters have little say on their MP

The table above is based on information collated from that currently considers this a Labour safe seat.

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