Comment on General Election 2017 Have Your Say! by Peter Bulcock.

I am nothing short of disgusted at the goings on since the Election Results. Most of all I am deeply disappointed in the role Nick Clegg has played, or possibly more specifically, the Lib Dems, as I feel that they, and not Mr Clegg,have been responsible for the dillying and dallying that has gone on for the last few days. It is obvious that time is of the essence in forming a stable government, for the sake of the country, as soon as possible. Mr Clegg had already stated as much that a coalition with labour did not have any merit, being comprehensibly thrashed at the polling booth. It must be remembered too that the Lib Dems did not come out of the election smelling of roses either! The Lib Dems have been offered a unique opportunity to play an important role in helping to run the country in these very difficult times. What they are doing is quite simply scandalous! It is now obvious to all that all they are interested in is themselves. Through their actions in wasting time even talking to labour when the people of this country just would not accept a Lib/Lab pact anyway, has plummeted my opinion of Lib Dems to an all time low!! They have now proved they are no better than Brown who is blatantly clinging to power no matter what. You stay there Gordon – you are doing a grand job!!
It was nice to notice that there are decent labour MP’s who want to bow out with dignity and I respect Kate Howey, Diana Johnson amongst others.
It seems to me that Mr Clegg has been very badly advised by his party in persuing dialogue with labour. To me it has done irreparable damage to their credibility – placing their own interests before that of the country. As a floating voter I will NEVER now even considering voting for the Liberal Democrats!!