Comment on General Election 2017 by David.

General Election 2017 Have Your Say!I completely disagree, although I’m sure the Lib Dems would have rather worked with Labour, there was realistically no way they could form a working coalition for more than a honeymoon period, all it would take is a small group of MPs to hold such a government to ransom!

Even if every non-Tory supporting MP (some of the Northern Ireland MPs are pretty much Tories) went into a Rainbow coalition, the coalition would have a majority around 6. All it would take is half a dozen MPs to not turn up for a vote (or 3 to vote against a rainbow coalition) to result in a vote of no confidence passing!

I understand David Milliband and Ed Balls weren’t taking the negotiation seriously, I don’t blame them as potentially the next Labour leaders they’d be nuts to go into such a weak coalition when the likelihood is at the next general election support for the Conservatives will fall after we’ve had the Tories age of austerity. Remember all the politicians lied during the campaign on how hard the cuts have to be, now they HAVE to cut and it’s going to be deep and it’s going to bloody hurt! Whichever party is in government WILL get the blame and I’m glad it’s going to be the Conservatives and not Labour.

Also the alternative vote is quite good for Labour and the Lib Dems, people who vote Lib Dems are more likely to have Labour as their second choice and vice a versa.

The Lib Dems talking to Labour was obviously a bargaining chip on the Lib Dems part, by suggesting they might have a second option of working with Labour pushed the Conservatives to offer more.

Are you trying to suggest if you were the Lib Dems you wouldn’t have played the same hand and got more from the Conservatives?