Comment on General Election 2010 Prime Minister Poll by PAT.

There is no such thing as a protest vote
You either use your vote to get what you think the country needs or you waste it and end up with an ineffectual Government.
God help us if the so called protest votes give us a Conservative Government again. Has everyone forgotten the Thatcher years???? The admission that drove them ‘No such thing as society’
That is what Thatcher said.
I don’t see that Cameron will be any different to her.
A man of the people! Don’t make me laugh>
Multi Millionaire his wife grew up in a Mansion; of course he understands what it is like to bring children up on a Housing estate in a City.
Of cause he understands what is needed to convince the people on Housing estates what the real reasons are that they have poor housing and poor education and turn them away from the hate parties like the BNP.