Comment on Islamification of Britain by k williams.

Islam and the Islamification of Britain Discussion and PollDavid, the same thing happened in Oxfordshire about 18 months ago. A friend of mine who happens to be a retained ( part time) fireman in Henley said they were short of retained firemen and he & most of his friends were on permanent call rather than a roster allowing them free time. So he was delighted to learn that the Oxfordshire Brigade had organized a road show to help recruit more part timers. This travelled around several towns in Oxfordshire, calling at Henley where it was set up in the towns square one saturday. He had told a few friends who lived in or near Henley & had expressed interest to pop along & possibly join up!
To his dismay & disgust they ALL called him & explained that on attempting to join the Henley retained firemen, they were told that Oxfordshire were only recruiting ETHNICS & FEMALES!!! This in Henley where the only coloured face is to be seen in the local Indian & Chinese restaurants! Needless to say there were no recruits found in henley that day, despite having, to my friends knowledge, at least 6 fit young WHITE British men willing to join & help their local community!!!
I am afraid that this is the same story in both the Police & Fireservices around the country!
This is why more & more British people are fed up with being treated as second class citizens & are turning to the BNP!!