Comment on Islamification of Britain by Sarah.

Islam and the Islamification of Britain Discussion and PollHey Andrew, glad you replied. Nobody’s shooting anyone here!

I understand where you’re coming from, I can completely understand why people are getting worried about the future of Britain.

At the moment, the Muslim population of Britain is only around the 3 million mark out of a population of around 67 million and it is going to take a long time for there to be a majority of Muslims. The biggest proportion of Muslims are the under 4’s.

I just don’t believe that if the UK became Islamic in the future that Sharia would apply in the strictest form such as Saudi / Iranian Sharia. There are plenty of Muslim countries that are not as oppressive as these two such as UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, etc..

“If the majority of Muslims are moderate 2nd, 3rd gen and feel British, why do we see no demonstrations against the terrorist atrocities carried out by Islamic terrorists?”

I don’t know what the answer is to this, however when atrocities occur such as the London bombings, Muslims are killed too, and the non-muslims tend to quietly point the finger at ALL muslims that it’s their fault and they should have known or been able to stop it; they do suffer from revenge attacks as well. If I was Muslim I would keep my head down for a while..!

On the other side, if people are so angry and fearful about the Islamic threat, why are there no demonstrations against to the Government against it’s imposition? I remember the effectiveness of the Poll Tax Riots!

Unfortunately, the laws of the UK are so skewed at the moment and dealing with Islam is a softly softly approach however I do think that this approach will change further down the line. The radicals are a minority but vocal.

The Sharia Tribunal Courts are legally binding under the Arbitration Act, what you must understand is that as a Muslim, you have the choice as to whether you use a Sharia Court or the British Court. No muslim has NO CHOICE in using these, they can opt to apply British Law instead.

As Christians in a Muslim country here in UAE, if my husband and I decided to separate and divorce, we would have the choice at the local courts to apply British or Sharia law.