Comment on Islamification of Britain by David.

Islam and the Islamification of Britain Discussion and PollWhat Vote No To BNP said Sarah :-)

Although parties tend to have policies that appeal to a set of voters, with the main parties targeting the middle ground of politics, government should never be populist just because it keeps them popular.

Look at Labour and the Iraq war, going to war is an unpopular decision, but right or wrong they made a hard decision and so can’t be described as only a populist political party.

Conservatives are going to slash spending on services if they gain power which will be very unpopular, in their eyes it’s something that needs to be done, would be easier to not cut services so much and be less unpopular, so again not only a populist political party.

Everything I’ve read about the BNP is pandering to their core supporters fears/anger over immigration and Islamification, it’s popular right now to blame lots that’s wrong in Britain on immigration and Muslims, the BNP are a populist political party. I I can’t think of any BNP policy where their core supporters would be unhappy with it?

Also I thought my 6 point example explained why governments can’t be populist (at least not to an extreme), doesn’t work in the real world.