Comment on Islamification of Britain by Sarah.

Islam and the Islamification of Britain Discussion and PollVoteno and David,

Legislating for the majority and populist politics should go together, not 100% because we do have to make concessions for the good of the economy which some people are not going to be happy about. Populist policies should more weigh heavily on the things that directly affect the freedoms of everyday people, at the moment they are just oppressing people and eroding their freedom of thought, voice and action.

I really can’t say that Labour are listening to ANYONE with the number of iniatives, thought crimes policy, discrimination policy (positive and negative), open borders, demonising home-schooling, benefits culture, under what circumstances you can discipline your children, etc. Where’s the populist policy in all of these? There should be a balance and there isn’t.

The whole political system at the moment is “we know what’s best for you even if you think it isn’t, we’re not interested in listening to you because it’s not in our interest to and we don’t think your smart enough to make that decision”.

Voteno said:

“Parties like the LibDems/UKIP/Greens/BNP can pretty much say anything they like because the reality is they won’t win enough seats to form a Government so they can appeal more with populist policy but when it comes down to it people pick a party that they think can realistically get the job done”

But don’t all parties do that anyway because they’ll go back on everything they said in the first year or two in the hope that by the time the next election comes everyone will have forgotten??

Labour gave everyone hope with the referendum on Europe, to give everyone a say, a choice; and then they lied, big time and sold us out without our say so.