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And if you believe so much then you wouldn’t still contend that people are different, because acording to your Christian Bible Adam and Eve where the first people on earth therefore by inferance we all decend from Adam and Eve which effectively means we are all from the same family.

By: terence Sat, 26 Dec 2009 22:33:45 +0000 I would still be voting like the sheeple if i did not think for my self.the fact i have had the courage to stand up with the bnp shows i do think ! may be you should look at your self here!
So the BNP policy on sport is O/k Nice one
Christian assembly in school i agree 100% with that we seem to have lost moral and cultural identity knife and rape crime’s lack of care for other people and lack of real values.
To teach educate not force Christianity on a Christian country is a good thing !! If men do not fear god bad things start to happen as you can see around you,Maybe a few months in a n Islamic school may help you to understand? So yes 100% for religious school Assemblies

By: terence Sat, 26 Dec 2009 22:25:24 +0000 that sounds reasonable if your honest

By: David Sat, 26 Dec 2009 13:17:55 +0000 Absolutely Terence, if you want to discus any parties policies in a reasoned way I’ll probably be involved, (some policies don’t interest me, but many do) that’s why I’ve posted (or nearly posted) all the policies from: Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats (need to redo the Lib Dems policy pages), UKIP, Greens (not added all the Greens yet) and yes the BNP. So all policies from Labour, Conservatives, UKIP and the BNP are on this site with comments open for discussion, it’s up to visitors like you (and myself) to use them.

The best place to have those discussions is under the relevant parties Policy discussion pages (easy to find using the search box on the top right of every page or browse them all via the links on the left menu under “Categories” section).

If a comment about a specific parties policy is posted here (under this polls comments) I try to move it to the relevant policy page so new visitors can find it easier (already moved over 600 comments!).

I’ve made comments on page (negative comments as well).

I recently created a proper forum at where you have to register to post (only a dozen registered users so far). In the forum registered visitors can create their own topics, so if you want to discuss “Jobs for British workers” you can start your own topic.

I started the topic I’m torn between fighting what could be an unwinnable war that’s costing our soldiers their lives and pulling out now and giving Afghanistan back to the Taliban and having our troops lives wasted for nothing!!!

The problem right now with the comments Terence is they are mostly of the type:

BNP are great, no the BNP are awful.

If you want to discuss policy you have to stick to discussing policy and not turn a discussion only into being about voting for the BNP. There are BNP ideas I like, there are Conservative ideas I like, I don’t have to vote for them to like SOME of their ideas.


By: terence Sat, 26 Dec 2009 12:44:06 +0000 i would like you to give me a brake down of what encourages you to vote Tory > you never no you might just persuade me! Doubt it though i have had enough of them do not believe a word they say Sorry!! nice to hear why you still trust them though but i need more than the sovereignty bill thats says nothing to me as a none political animal just a voter who has had enough of the lib/lab.con as my friends and family are at the sharp end not in the 68.4%btax bracket like your lucky selves.we are in the no homes no jobs bracket,, Vote BNP

By: terence Sat, 26 Dec 2009 12:34:16 +0000 The words in the English language are ours to use so why not use them instead of plagiarizing mine, i dont mins if you are white and indigenousness to the land what gives you the selfritious pomposity to say you have no problem with the whites how long have you been here where do you originate from< i find that comment very offensive!

By: terence Sat, 26 Dec 2009 12:27:15 +0000 can we begin afresh then lets start on disusing the Tory and labor policy on crime and invasion!! the Post office,mines docks and jobs for British workers and bringing our troops home!

By: terence Sat, 26 Dec 2009 12:21:59 +0000 i do not no you I trust and believe no one who has a political agenda but remains anonymous . you are untrustworthy!!like BLair/Brown?cameron false faced two faced! quisling>you have my name i will live with the consequences I say it a it is!!(Terence the rite wing troll) I am getting used to that the kids like it to Vote BNP

By: terence Sat, 26 Dec 2009 12:19:08 +0000 I am happy with that shows you are unable to think for your self hence the brainwashed attacks on the only opposition the BNP !(Terence the rite wing troll !! nice one) gives me a kind of status vote BNP

By: David Sat, 26 Dec 2009 11:17:59 +0000 “the thing is David discussing policies should have been done years ago,why has it become so important to discuss BNP policies why not discuss the lib lab .com policies I am up for that!”

I’m beginning to think you are a UAF troll now Terence, (you damage the BNP cause, so must be UAF :-)) you don’t want to discuss BNP policies, why not?

Untested BNP policies aren’t to be discussed, but tried and test policies from the main parties should be discussed.

The problem with people like you Terence is you don’t have an open mind to make an informed decision on anything. Until you prove otherwise to be able to think for yourself I’ll see you as a mindless BNP drone.

BNP Education Policy:

“The reintroduction of competitive sports and daily Christian assemblies”

I have no problem with competitive sports and no problem with religion: I’m an atheist who believes everyone has a right to peacefully follow any belief they choose.

Last time I checked kids still play football, rugby, cricket… in school and I understand despite never being in any of the national teams :-) they are competitive sports?

So what does this BNP policy achieve, we already have competitive sports in school?

“Daily Christian assemblies”, what does this mean Terence, if you are a big BNP supporter who has read and understands all BNP policies how far will this policy go? Is it back to how it used to be when I was at school (20+ years ago)?

I came from a family though not overly religious, did believe in a Christian God. I went to normal schools where I was forced to sit through Christian assemblies despite at an early age (before my teens) realising I did not believe in a God. I was told I’d have to be a Mormon to not participate in the Christian assemblies!

It was wrong then to force children to be part of religious Christian assembly in school and it is still wrong now.

We do not all believe in the same thing, I understand over half our population are no longer religious and those that are have a mixture of religious beliefs, why should one religious faith (Christianity) be forced on all children?

The BNP complain that Muslims will take over Britain and force the Qur’an on us, so in response the BNP want Christians to take over and force Christianity on us!!! How is that different/better for those who have no religious belief or believe in a different religion?

I have no problem with a parent deciding their child should be Christian/Muslim (whatever), but I have a BIG problem with the government forcing a particular religion on it’s people!

Religion and politics should not mix.

Do NOT vote BNP if you agree with freedom to follow your own religious beliefs.

BTW one of my sites: (only 15th in Google for the search “King James Bible”, used to do much better). And yes I’ve read some of the Bible, not all of it, but enough to make informed decisions.