A report containing leaked treasury figures claims 1.3m jobs could be lost by 2015, the guardian newspaper has predicted that 120,000 public sector jobs and 140,000 private sector jobs could vanish annually for the next five years.

Important Labour figures say the true cost of the budget was now clear. But the government says independent experts expect “unemployment to fall in every year and employment to rise”.

A Treasury spokesman said they could not immediately confirm or deny whether the slide was genuine or not.

This is a little shocking that the amount of jobs that potentially be lost, just in a single year it’s scary but over the length of five years!… the amount of jobs disappearing is quite astonishing.

It makes you want to know if the figures are legitimate or not.

The potentially scary thing (depending if the figures are real) is that the Treasury is justifying the cuts in the public sector saying they will be replaced with the private sector, but then you realise that the private sector jobs are being axed also… who replaces them?.

It results in the Public/Private sector would leave them hung and in a right pickle.

If these figures are real then this a frightening leak in information.