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A Poem About The Spending Review

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  1. MatthewJamesFowler

    The following is a poem I have writen regarding the damage that David Cameron and the consveritive goverment is doing to good honest hardworking poeple.

    The Man That Was Born With A Silver Spoon

    He takes from the needy,
    To give to the greedy,

    The rich he caters too,
    And the poor he does ignore.
    Will there be a day?
    When we say we cant put up with this no more.

    Money is short
    Be careful this man is a curse,
    He will take from you with out a second thought,
    Your bubble he is going to burst.

    He will leave those,
    That have little with less and less,
    He uses other people,
    As a scapegoat to promote the cause of his idiotic mess.

    Some one stop him,
    He has peoples jobs and lives in his hands,
    Bleak days are upon us,
    We have to protest to his demands.

    He will patronise you with talk of change,
    While you suffer he will say its fair,
    Just as long as he is happy,
    He will not care!!

    I fear the worst will come soon,
    Beware be afraid,
    Of the man born with a silver spoon.

    By Matthew James Fowler

    Posted 3 years ago #

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