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Farmers: Under valued. Overworked. Underpaid. Or UHT Milk?

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  1. cutler86

    Now I don't have any inclination over one party whatsoever but all I know for one thing that is so clear to see. I have no idea why this is not an important and worrying issue raised by any of the political parties.

    The rate of farm businesses going bust in this country is increasing dramatically: all for one cause your local farmer does not get paid enough per litre for the milk he has so dearly worked hard for.

    My parents have worked on an extensive farm for one year and could not stand the way that the dairy cows were treated, they do not comprehend why 2 cows a day are left to die every single day. They are now working as managers on a farm based in Berkshire, they are true devoters and brilliant workers who believe that animal welfare is at the heart of their duties bringing you the healthiest and best quality milk to your country.

    Their troop have won consequent awards and have also beat the Queen's for a number of times.

    Now. Why is my Mum,a woman of 53, handling tough physical work every day is left stranded with such low pay for the fantastic job that she does, raising the best calves in the region, having not had one day off in a month, leaving her no choice to continue her underpaid work, leaving her shattered every night.

    My parents are committed to their jobs and have been for the past 20 years, they will not give it up and they will persist at any obstacle.

    How come true devoters now are forced by tiredness of quitting their jobs after 20 years of hardwork, compassion, expertise and experience?

    Is there a future for farming? because in the near future I really do not want to feed uht milk to my kids and I really do want my parents to be able to sleep abit more than 5 hours a day and say, have them live abit longer and also so that they can retire at one point in their lives.

    The farmer is not like the bin man: he CAN NOT and WILL NOT strike.

    Now I want you to think very hard about this when you go to your local Costa.

    Posted 3 years ago #

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