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Question: which Party will outlaw offshoring of work?

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  1. YvonneC

    I hope someone more up to speed with the various manifestos can answer this one for me. I'm looking for statements about stopping the practice of offshoring, especially in IT, to "cheaper" nations.

    I've been trawling through the manifestos and, so far, can only find any such assurance from the BNP. Since I have real problems with their racism (yes, keep Britain British by all means but that includes people of all races and creeds) I can't vote for them and square it with my conscience.

    I believe sincerely that if work was kept within our shores, not only would there be more employment but more taxes paid to regenerate revenue for public services, and yet I've heard very little from any party on this subject.

    Any help would be appreciated, although I suspect I'll end up voting for my incumbent MP as he has been very helpful on a couple of occasions and is, for an MP, a Good Egg.


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  2. UK Voter
    Key Master

    None of them can outlaw offshoring jobs, assume you mean stuff like banks have call centers in India etc...

    Best you can hope for is a government that offers incentives to business to keep it's work in our country, but if it's still cheaper to send the work abroad, they will.

    Britain can not compete on low wages. I was watching a BBC reality like documentary about young people seeing how stuff is made in other countries (Blood Sweat and Luxuries). A business owner from Ethiopia was complaining they can't offer their workers any more money in wages because if they do they can not compete with China! If a business in Ethiopia where a worker is paid 60p a day can't compete on wages with China, what hope do we have?

    This is why we have to look to the future and move away from industries where any untrained idiot can do the work that's the new green industries where I have to admit the Labour government are trying to get our young people ready for.


    Posted 4 years ago #

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