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Reducing re offending

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  1. blueflame8

    Hi, I'm doing an Extended Project Qualification on this topic and was looking into re offending in Britain and in comparison to Scandinavian countries where the rates are a lot lower. I was looking for public views on this topic and so was wondering if anyone could complete this questionnaire:

    It is very quick:

    Just to give a bit of background to show i'm not just looking for people to do surveys, this is an example of a prison in Norway and how they tackle it:

    "The £15 million Halden Prison took 10 years to build and has been touted as the most humane in the world for its 252 inmates.
    Prison authorities claim the luxury environment of the 75-acre site helps reduce the country's already very low crime rate.
    Each inmate gets a private cell with mini-fridge, flat-screen TV and even a private en-suite bathroom and barless windows - because they let in more sunlight.
    Then for every 12 to 15 rooms there is a top-spec kitchen with stainless steel work tops and lounge areas complete with IKEA-style sofas and coffee tables.
    To cap-off their stay at Halden the prisoners are also able to use a gym, complete with rock-climbing wall, a music studio, and a luxury library.
    Architect Hans Henrik Hoilund said Holden was designed to ensure prisoners did not re-offend.
    "The most important thing is that the prison looks as much like the outside world as possible," he said.
    "To avoid an institutional feel, exteriors are not concrete but made of bricks, galvanized steel and larch; the buildings seem to have grown organically from the woodlands."

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