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To America

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  1. QueensMinutemen

    I hate you. I hate your obnoxious, mouth frothing idiocy. I hate your decadent, status obsessed culture. I hate your flip flops, I hate your fanny packs, I hate your stupid, ugly faces. I hate everything about you. I hate your entitled, over privileged lifestyles, I hate your violent impulses, I hate the manner in which you pretend to be polite.
    I hate your fast food chains, I hate your chain stores and warehouses packed to the ceiling with Chinese goods, I hate your childlike idiocy when it comes to commerce and property ownership. I hate that you work for a wage, I hate that you whine to the government about your benefits, I hate the fact that you take up a hospital bed for diseases which could have easily been avoided if you had only made small, minor adjustments to your diet and routine. I hate that you expect cancer treatment after a lifetime of smoking.
    I hate your bedwetting, infantile view of the world, and I hope you all die in a horrible burning conflagration of your own making. I hope your decadent, corrupt civilization falls apart, that before you start world war three like the vapid, war-mongering twits you are, you tear each other limb from limb for bottled water and junk food.

    Sorry for the flame, you can kick me off your forums if you want, i just had to get that off my chest.

    Posted 4 years ago #

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