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University Fees increase is Ideology NOT to deficit related.

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  1. Martin

    I can't understand why news reporters are not pointing out that increases in University fees does NOT alleviate the deficit.
    Allowing Universities to increase Fees almost 3 fold can only increase the cost to the taxpayer in the short term.
    I can't see how such a huge increase can outweigh the cuts in University funding.
    The higher school fees will largely be funded by student loans which are one way or another paid for by the government. The Ministers are assuring us that not a penny of this will be repayed until students graduate in at least 4 years time.
    How can this extra expense reduce our deficit.
    Either our Liberal Democrat and Conservative policy makers are completely inept or they are using the deficit as an excuse to impose an idealogical policy that discourages working class youths from going to University.
    I have been a long time Liberal Democrat supporter since the 1970's but I won't be voting for them in the next General Election.
    Shame on You Vince Cable and Nick Clegg.

    Posted 3 years ago #

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