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Why I Joined The BNP

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  1. Liniment Cronyism

    Britiain is being colonised by Islam and invaders from Pakistan, Africa etc. Britains's ethnic and consequently cultural make-up is rapidly changing. I fear, quite reasonably, that Britian will become an Islamic theocracy. We have already had many death threats, Islamic youths are committing racially selective rape against white girls throughout the UK - well supported by evidence available on the net - cases of racial assault against ehtnic Britons are either played-down or not reported at all. There are several places, eg Liecester, where the ethnic British population is very much a minority. I am frightened. I loathe Islam and everything it stands for - racism, intolerance, violence. People wearing black robes with only narrow slits for eyes on the streets where I live appear to me very intimidating and threatening. I do not want this rubbish in my country. There are plenty of non-white people, Hindus, Sihks, Chinese, Africans etc, and they do not misbehave themselves as Muslims do and they do not offensively and violently promote their beliefs. Therefore I do not find them frightening. My fears and my negative experiences of Islam and mass-immigration have been not just ignored, but jeered at and lied about by Labour and Tory politicians from whom I sought information and rational debate. Therefore, I joined the British National Party.

    Posted 4 years ago #
  2. UK Voter
    Key Master

    If you joined the BNP as you said for reasons like

    "I sought information and rational debate"

    Why are you posting BNP drivel on my forum instead of debating about the issues?

    For example:

    How do you feel about the BNP policy to expect everyone who wants to vote at a general election to have served in the military or done military national service?

    Do you think that's democratic?


    Posted 4 years ago #
  3. krusty

    I joined the BNP because if I am going to be lied to and stolen from, I'd prefer it to be on issues that will benefit me.

    Posted 4 years ago #
  4. paulmarkj

    Hmmm, I wonder if you joined the BNP for an open debate and for the truth, or did you join them because they told you what you wanted to hear.

    Posted 4 years ago #
  5. Inquitus

    I joined the BNP because I am poorly educated and racist.

    Posted 4 years ago #
  6. youngbrit88

    I wanted to take part in a discussion BNP which felt there is both negative and positive to the party. As a young Brition (working class and from the north) I was not brought up in a racist home whereas we didnot believe anything non-white was evil, detrimental or disgusting to our nation (as i find Nick Griffen true view is), but i was told that whites should marry whites to keep the santity of true British alive (i look back now and what a perpostorus idea- and racist)!
    now in my 20's I have found myself voting BNP- and in all honesty I am disgusted in my choice, however I felt completly pushed in to this, mainly due to the lack of options avaliable.

    My partner who trades in contruction has now been out of work for some months due to the economic spat the country has seen, he has been- where there is work,replaced not by British workers but by polish, croatian and any other non-Britih citizens, whom will work as exteremly cheap labour (which I do not agree with either). This is one of the main reasons I voted BNP I am tired of a Britan which does not reward its people, it seems that whether you are black, white, asian there is so many people abusing our benefits, our laws and an exteremist like Nick Griffen seems on the surface to have the right Idea- which I now find I have been sold what many Brits want to hear by him.

    I would like a Britan which looks after its people first (I do not mean white people, I mean British Citizins (born in the UK). Which only allowed new people from other countries into the UK if they have a trade or to study (with a view of returning to thier home country after thier education-too benefit thier society and homeland)- very much like Australia.
    I believe that free immigration which is what we have, allows for further abuse of our benefits system (which needs to be ran to a stricter code as british citizens even abuse it).

    The reason I am ashamed for voting BNP is after further research (after my vote)I have seen the real BNP (for example Nick Griffen in America with the previous KKK leader)- where i have been sold and brain washed in to thinking Britan needs to close the flood gates period.- without other people of a variety of ethnic backgrounds what would Britain be today? Would we have the technology, science, defence, would we even be British if it was not for our previous multi-cultural background- I dont believe we would.
    On a whole I think Nick Griffin might have been the answer if he wasnt such a Racist(overbearing personal belifs). We should be proud that we accept people for who they are in this country (many other countries do-not) but we should understand that over populating our country with some people ( who is some cases cannot even speak English, have no intention to better themsleves, they simply want a free-ride that is the problem with our country.

    I wished I hadnt voted BNP, but then I wished we lived in a society that provided you with benefits when you needed it- and not just to those who know how to work the system.

    I wish for a non- racist party, as extreme as Nick Griffern to turn the UK back around.

    I voted BNP, I am not a racist I am sick of the UK government not taking care of its people first and looking at its self gratifying gain- from the immigration laws it puts into play.

    Our st George's flag offeneds you but our benefits dont? In a nut shell thats how i feel.
    I hope this doesnt offened anyone- its is just my personal opinion.

    Posted 4 years ago #
  7. olivercross

    You clearly don't understand the religion of Islam. "I loathe Islam and everything it stands for - racism, intolerance, violence." On the contray, it stands for quite the opposite with only an extreme few who are despised by the majority of the Islamic faith actually committing terrorist acts.

    Posted 4 years ago #
  8. treborc

    The BNP are not the answer, perhaps a real Labour party might have been once upon a time. But even labour decided to lock up children in detention camps.

    I've no idea where we will be in another 40 years time, it could be another party perhaps like UKIP will take over where the Liberals left off, or even replace labour into second place, maybe not.

    But right now labour and the Tories are fighting over the same ground the middle England swing voters, people from the working and non working class have been left out of the politics for now.

    But to vote BNP that's not going to help anyone, if they did win imagine this country.

    Posted 3 years ago #
  9. Garethwd

    As an educated liberal but with left wing values I feel that the so called Labour Party has foresaken their core voters and let too many immigrants into previously closed societies. Too many people have been left feeling isolated in their own communities. Too many old people have felt like outsiders in their own communities.
    I believe that then Government has spent too much time trying to appease people with non-democratic views and have forgotten the values that made Britain Great.
    As a professional i don't need to worry about foreigners taking my job, but as I seem to have more empathy than any politicians i understand why working class people feeel desperate and isolated under such circumstances.
    On the b-side, I understand why so many immigrants from Eastern Europe have entred the country. If I was poor and had a chance of improving myself for my family I would do the same thing.
    The Labour Party didn't understand the disservice they were doing to their own core voters. Under mass immigration it's always the poorest that suffer most.

    Posted 3 years ago #
  10. Garethwd

    I agree with treborc. BNP is not the answer.I think the Scots have found their answer in the SNP. I think the Welsh nationalists can do the same for Wales. I think England should found a party that looks after their own interests in the same way that SNP and Plaid Cymru have managed in an honest but pragmatic way. I don't think that any of the English parties at the moment do adequate service to the nation.

    Posted 3 years ago #

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