Comment on Proportional Representation : The Single Transferable Vote by David.

We don’t want extremist people in power.

Lets imagine the BNP had a uniform share of the popular vote across the country, so every area had 5% of people voting BNP.

If there’s 650 MPs and you think 5% (or 32 MPs) should be BNP because countrywide they have 5% support, which 32 parliamentary constituencies where only 5% of the people in those areas voted BNP should have a BNP MP?

Do you not think it’s completely undemocratic to force an MP on a particular area when only 5% of the people in that area voted BNP?

If you agree with me and feel it’s not fair, how do you propose having 32 BNP MPs in a fair way to all the electorate?

This is why there are a minimum number of votes needed before a candidate can gain a seat in the good PR systems used around the world.