Comment on Reasons to Vote British National Party by David.

Reasons to Vote British National Party : BNP 2010 General Election“Either way unreferenced material is worthless and cannot support any argument.”

I wouldn’t quite go that far since the comments are for discussion not just for copying and pasting facts/statistics from other sources. That being said I do agree with you generally, commenter’s should reference anything they post as fact if they want it to be believable.

The comment you responded to which parts do you think I should have provided references for?

About the only statistic I mentioned (kind of) was

“we are one of the top countries for attracting foreign investment”

And I have referenced this in other comments I’ve made and wrote an article on it

“The report referred to is at Britain is ranked number 12 out of the 104 countries overall, which is pretty good IMO.”

Most of my comment was discussion and my opinion and didn’t require reference unless someone asked for one or disputed what I wrote.

Now the person I responded to (g.curtis) posted a list of “facts” with no referencing at all. g.curtis should have said IMO rather than fact as what he/she posted as facts are not facts, but opinion. Would be great if the odd BNP commenter would reference their sources, most spout a load of BS figures that make no sense at all.