Comment on Reasons to Vote British National Party by Mark.

Reasons to Vote British National Party : BNP 2010 General ElectionLet me get this right, everyone is against the BNP, so it’s some big conspiracy to mislead the country, NO the world into believing the BNP is a far right political party when it’s really just another center ground party like Labour, Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats?

The three main parties are against us as are the mass media. The media is how the majority of people get their information. They just sit there listen to what the government tells them and automatically believe it. If the news says it true then it must be true is their thought process. The news constantly calls us racists and bigots and so the people think we are. Unfortunately this brings in some people who like us because they think we are racists and bigots but no worries because they quickly leave or don’t bother with us after they realize we won’t tolerate racism in the party.

Labour, Tories and the Lib Dems. Do you honestly suspect that these parties would EVER want to tell the people the truth about us? The labour government is made up of mostly so called “Ex” communists (no such thing as an ex-communist really) these far left nutjobs are hardly going to go about telling everyone that a nationalist party has good ideas now are they? Corrupt, selfish, arrogant and greedy this is the basis of our disgusting red commie government. Their frantic and hysterical attempts to silence us with repeated smear campaigns, lies and plain violence (the violent UAF are sponsored by all three parties and funded with taxpayers’ money. Do you want YOUR tax money to go to a group dedicated to the removal of free speech and democracy in Britain?) are the result of the fact that they KNOW people are turning to us, listening to us because we speak common sense and that we genuinely have Britain’s interests at heart.

The BNP plan to link the right to vote with serving in the military, either actually in the military or some form of national service.

Soldiers don’t have the right to vote now either. A vote is cast on their behalf for the party that is currently in power. I have it on good authority (from my servicemen friends both past and current) that most of the armed forces support the bnp but can’t come out and say it for fear of losing their jobs.
We will introduce a return to national service. Military or civil service is your choice however. The voting for soldiers would stay the same i assume. The bnp will NEVER remove the right to vote from ANY British person. We brits fought and died for the right of the common man to vote. To take that right away would be an insult to those brave men who challenged the all-powerful might of a tyrannical king.

Do you like the idea of every household having to own a firearm, (not a choice, but HAVE to own one) though if you don’t do military service you can’t own a gun.

From the bnp 2005 manifesto.

“The exploitation of the 1996 Dunblane Massacre of sixteen school-children and a
teacher by a paedophile to provide an excuse to disarm many thousands of law-abiding citizens was one of the most breath-takingly cynical acts of
the Blair regime. Put simply, guns do not kill people, criminals kill people – especially
when innocent people do not have guns with which to defend themselves.
We would restore to the legitimate and law-abiding sportsmen the right to possess
and shoot all the varieties of weapon they were entitled to before New Labour’s 1997
totalitarian gun-grab.
That, however, is only the start. In a world where modern technology automatically
and almost irresistibly gives the State powers of surveillance, analysis and potential repression that past dictatorships could not even have managed, it is more important
than ever that the citizens of a modern Britain have at their disposal the means, in
extremis, to resist any totalitarian government that has managed to get control of
those powers.
This would be all the more necessary once we have re-established the once takenfor-
granted fact of significant government direction (albeit through a non-party political
Ministry of Finance) of the commanding heights and overall direction of the economy.
Such an increase in the power of the State is clearly necessary if we are to compete
against Far Eastern economies whose use of similar organisational techniques gives
them a long-term edge over old-fashioned Western capitalism. But if we are not to
drift towards an over-mighty State which could all too easily lose sight of its own
limitations and role as facilitator rather than master, then such an increase must be
balanced by a corresponding decrease in the authority of the State elsewhere.
It is primarily for this reason – although defence against violent criminals and some at
present unforeseen potential foreign aggression are also important considerations –
that we advocate the adoption of the modern Swiss model for a responsibly armed
citizenry. Under this all law-abiding adults who have successfully completed their
period of military service are required to keep in a safe locker in their homes a
standard-issue military assault rifle and ammunition.
It is clear that this system contributes to Switzerland ‘s very low rate of burglary and
violent crime, as well as having helped make that tiny country extremely unappetising
to foreign aggressors throughout the last century. The people of Switzerland have not
had occasion to use their arms to bring to heel any home-grown tyrants either, and
the fact that the State does not possess a monopoly on the potential use of force in a
struggle between slavery and freedom means that they are unlikely to have to do so.
This state of affairs has a great deal to commend it.

The Firearms part of this manifesto is for people to be able to protect their homes and families from intruders wishing to cause them serious harm.
Non army personnel may not keep an Assault Rifle but may own shotguns, bolt action rifles, handguns and such. No automatic weapons will be available to people who were never in the military.

This is mainly for self-defence from robberies and personal attacks but also in the exceptionally unlikely instance that a government becomes so convinced of its own power that it starts to ignore our basic rights and welfare. In other words if our government ends up like the government of third world countries then at least the ability of the government to use force to suppress us is greatly diminished when we have the capability of fighting back. This is the system that is in place in Switzerland AND America.