Comment on Reasons to Vote Labour by Sarah in the Desert.

Reasons to Vote Labour at the Next General ElectionDavid,

You might say you have no problem with people born into wealth, but your posts don’t sound like you don’t.

You don’t come from money (neither did I), you earnt it and that’s admirable, but other people have been lucky to inherit their families efforts and I really don’t care if they do or don’t deserve it.

I don’t care if the shadow government is full of millionaires as long as they are capable of making the tough decisions that are needed to get the country sorted out.

I didn’t mind paying tax but I begrudged paying tax at 40% to fund the lazy chavs and their Skysports News of the World lifestyle who lived not too far away from me. Taking too much care of the poor people and not making them take too much responsibility is destructive of any country.