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Actually David (Slap), I don’t say all the Government Back to work programmes are doomed to fail lol.

What I did say once was the BNP plan Workfare Not Welfare will fail because it’s an exact copy of the old Tory policy of the 90’s which failed to the cost of a few billion.

The current Labour Government have a good policy New Deal which has been built on and built on since 1997, however having said that the latest incarnation Flexible New Deal has actually removed a lot of the really good elements from the original New Deal programmes, they don’t invest as much money as they used to in re-training, previously the programmes had on average £10 billion a year invested and managed to reduce the unemployment level to under half of what it was in 1997.

Now that investment is around the £4 billion mark per year, the issue I have with that is at a time when the investment is really needed Labour have reduced it by more than half.

So started well with an excellent policy and are now kicking their own hard work in the nuts so to speak.

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