Comment on Reasons to Vote Liberal Democrat 2010 General Election by David.

“If voting patterns in the EU election were followed the BNP would secure 45 seats in the Commons”

Although I share your concerns about proportional representation I can’t see the voting public still voting for parties like the BNP unless they actually agree with the BNP ideas, so less likely for a wasted protest vote on the BNP under the single transferable vote which is what the Lib Dems want.

Also STV doesn’t share seats by popular vote countrywide, so the BNP could gain 5% of the popular vote countrywide and still not gain a single MP. To gain an MP a candidate still need a fair % of the vote or at best a lot of voters listing them as their second and maybe third choice.

Basically if every area gave the BNP 5%, their vote wouldn’t be enough to gain a seat and their votes would be shared to other candidates (2nd choice) with more than 5% of the vote.

Biggest concern regarding the BNP is in areas where they might gain over 10% of the vote, like with the EU elections they might scrape through a few MPs.

A handful of BNP MPs will have no real power in government.