Comment on Reasons to Vote Liberal Democrat 2010 General Election by JimBo.

Ah ha!

So it’s only PR if it works for one party, but not for others… this exposes the selfishness of the so-called “PR” crew.

In truly proportional representation, every voting bloc must be represented in the parliamentary outcome. That is why I do not consider any of the transferable voting systems to be proportional at all, just “modified majoritarian”.

The LibDems and their supporters should either go for full and complete proportionality, or work with first-past-the-post and stop whingeing. Even the US president is elected by electoral college state-by-state, which can yield occasional perverse outcomes. So what? the system is mostly fair, and virtually always decisive.

Give me government by the many (Tory or whoever with most seats) over pop-idol by the few any day of the week.