Comment on Should Britain Leave the European Union Poll? by Jasmine Saungu.

Practical things we can all do instead of moaning:

(i) write to your MP asking for a referendum on EU membership, renegotiation of existing treaties and clarification of his/her position
(ii) consider voting UKIP at the next General Election and European elections. Consider how you can legally maximise damage to the anti-UK politicians and parties
(iii) buy British. Refuse to buy French and German products or services. If you cannot buy British, buy from Anglosphere nations. If you cannot tell where the product was manufactured, do not buy it. Grow your own tomatoes rather than buying Spanish ones – they taste better, are more nutritious, are cheaper and less damaging to the environment
(iv) do not holiday in the European Union (expensive currently anyway given the exchange rate). Holiday in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man. If you have to get some Mediterranean sun, holiday in Gibraltar, Tunisia or Turkey. By forgoing the annual holiday in Spain or Greece you can save up for a nice holiday every other year, further afield in Canada, New Zealand or Australia: boycotting the EU benefits our true friends and hurts those who seem intent on destroying us
(v) ask your employer to consider buying British when making purchasing decisions, the GBP/EUR exchange rate is favourable to finding cheaper British alternatives without compromising on quality. It also benefits the environment
(vi) consider the future: when the Continent moves to political union are you prepared for mass civil disobedience to extricate the country from this vile organisation? What will be the tipping point? Are you prepared for it? Are you storing food and water, tools and seeds?
(vii) switch off the BBC. They will be first against the wall when we retake this great nation. Write to your MP requesting a vote on the dissolution of this anti-British, anti-Christian dinosaur. Do not renew your TV licence (tax) and legally acquire the news and entertainment that you actually want
(viii) get involved in your local community. Volunteer. Invest in relationships with your neighbours. These will serve you better than a knowledge of what is happening in Eastenders or Corrie.