Comment on Should Britain Leave the European Union Poll? by sharon clarke.

Over many years I have witnessed the destruction of our external borders, unfettered immigration from within the eu and outside and nowhere can I find a mandate for this change from the general population.

The overwhelming surge in population growth has put too much strain on the services we offer the population at large. Over the long term this will have devastating consequences and the eu will ignore whatever smoke and mirrors reforms David Cameron brings back declaring it a great day for Britain.

This will not wash with me because I do not see the uk as a backward looking place to live I find it a vibrant and forward looking nation that has the ability to self govern on an independent basis with a warm and inclusive society that has just been pushed too far and wants to be ruled by a nation that feels we live a democracy and a land of opportunity and not a contrived socialist environment that has been engineered by a bunch of eurocrats that are self serving and vote themselves into a position of power that it impossible to vote out because we no longer live in a democratic county. Lets embrace the future and free ourselves from the yolk and believe in ourselves.