Comment on BNP on Question Time by G.Curtis & Rosie.G.

Should the BNP Participate on BBC's Question Time?Answer is no.
I believe several news sources that say the same thing, provided it makes sense and is rational, backed up with some kind of evidence, like a video.

It is possible to take a kind of average view from the media, and it is also possible to check stuff for oneself.

A great deal of official news is fabricated and often proves to be false with the passage of time, like Labour claims about WMD for example.
I checked the many claims that the BNP are Nazi fascists, and found those claims to be unsubstantiated, and the result of political prejudice.
I checked the claim that this country has been betrayed by Labour and Tory, and found that I agree.
As a result of my own enquiries, I reject the BBC and Labour and Tory, and vote BNP.