I’m traditionally a Labour voter, but recently I’ve found myself drawn to the Liberal Democrats. After the live TV leaders debates I’m hoping for a big swing to the Lib Dems from the Conservatives to keep the Tories out of government for at least another 5 years.

The most recent polls shows a hung parliament with who will have the most seats (Labour or Conservatives) not clear despite Labour polling in 2nd or 3rd place in most polls! This is despite the Conservatives having more of the popular vote than Labour and the Lib Dems.

I see Labour and Lib Dems as similar on many policy areas and could see them working well together in a coalition government. Don’t believe what the Conservatives and some in the media say that coalition governments don’t work, there are examples of strong coalition governments around the world.

If the current polls are to be believed we could see a Labour/Lib Dem coalition government with closing on 400 MPs (that would be a strong mandate from the British electorate). If Labour and the Liberal Democrats can work together in government with a set of policies both parties are willing to support (many policy areas they are very close to one another, far closer than the Lib Dems and the Conservatives are) we could see a very strong coalition government.

Which brings me to tactical voting.

Labour support tends to be concentrated in it’s heartlands (the North) while Conservative support is more evenly spread around the country. This means a 5% drop of support country wide will impact the Conservatives number of seats far more than Labour, look at Scotland where the Tories are pretty much non existent. This is why Labour can take quite a bit of a hit in the popular vote % country wide and still do very well, but the same is not true for the Conservatives (no idea how it works with the Lib Dems).

I would be content with another Labour government or a Liberal Democrat government, but even with the polls indicating good things for the Liberal Democrats, on the day of the general election will those polls result in votes? My general election polls shows the Lib Dems in the lead!

What voters like you and I can do is vote tactically to keep the Conservatives out of power and either vote Labour when the Lib Dems are unlikely to win or vote Liberal Democrats when Labour are unlikely to win.

Which is why I’ve compiled a list of Conservative seats that have a small majority and are vulnerable IF Lib Dem and Labour voters (and other voters for that matter who don’t want a Tory government) work together to take the seats.

Note the % values below is the swing needed to take or protect the seat from the Tories

Conservative Seats Labour Voters Should Vote Liberal Democrat

Bournemouth West Constituency 7.6%
Chelmsford Constituency 9.2%
Devon Central Constituency 5%
Devon West & Torridge Constituency 5.4%
Dorset North Constituency 8.6%
Dorset West Constituency 4.6%
Eastbourne Constituency 1.4%
Guildford Constituency 0.2%
Harborough Constituency 8.4%
Ludlow Constituency 4.4%
Meon Valley Constituency 4.9%
Newbury Constituency 6.4%
Solihull Constituency 0.2%
Totnes Constituency 5.8%
Wells Constituency 5.7%
Weston-Super-Mare Constituency 4.3%
Worcestershire West Constituency 6%

Voting Liberal Democrat in the above seats will keep the Conservatives out of those areas if enough voters vote tactically.

Conservative Seats Liberal Democrat Voters Should Vote Labour

Basingstoke Constituency 6.3%
Beverley & Holderness Constituency 6.2%
Clacton Constituency 8.5%
Clwyd West Constituency 0.1%
Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale & Tweeddale Constituency 3.9%
Enfield North Constituency 2.4%
Enfield Southgate Constituency 2.7%
Filton & Bradley Stoke Constituency 1.6%
Finchley & Golders Green Constituency 0.7%
Forest Of Dean Constituency 4.3%
Gravesham Constituency 1.4%
Hemel Hempstead Constituency 0.4%
Ilford North Constituency 4.1%
Kettering Constituency 0.4%
Monmouth Constituency 9.9%
Peterborough Constituency 8.9%
Preseli Pembrokeshire Constituency 1.5%
Putney Constituency 4.8%
Reading East Constituency 1.7%
Rochester & Strood Constituency 1.1%
Scarborough & Whitby Constituency 2.7%
Selby & Ainsty Constituency 4.3%
Shipley Constituency 1%
Shrewsbury & Atcham Constituency 3.6%
Sittingbourne & Sheppey Constituency 0.1%
Somerset North East Constituency 0.5%
St Albans Constituency 2.9%
Staffordshire Moorlands Constituency 3.9%
Thanet South Constituency 1.8%
Wellingborough Constituency 1.2%
Wimbledon Constituency 5.7%
Wirral West Constituency 1.5%
Wrekin, The Constituency 2.9%

Voting Labour in the above seats will keep the Conservatives out of those areas if enough voters vote tactically.

Conservative Target Seats

Below are vulnerable seats that with a small shift the Conservatives can gain!

Conservative Target Seats Currently Controlled by Labour

Aberconwy Constituency 3.9%
Basildon South & Thurrock East Constituency 2.1%
Battersea Constituency 0.8%
Bedford Constituency 8%
Birmingham Edgbaston 4%
Blackpool North & Cleveleys Constituency 8.5%
Bolton North East Constituency 12%
Bolton West Constituency 12%
Bradford West Constituency 8.3%
Brentford & Isleworth Constituency 8.3%
Brigg & Goole Constituency 7.8%
Brighton Kemptown Constituency 4.8%
Bristol North West Constituency 5.7%
Broxtowe Constituency 4.4%
Burton Constituency 4.8%
Bury North Constituency 5%
Calder Valley Constituency 2.7%
Cardiff North Constituency 2.5%
Carmarthen West & Pembrokeshire South Constituency 5.3%
Chatham & Aylesford Constituency 8.3%
Chester, City of Constituency 2.2%
Cleethorpes Constituency 6.1%
Colne Valley Constituency 2.5%
Corby Constituency 3.1%
Crawley Constituency 0.1%
Croydon Central Constituency 0.7%
Dartford Constituency 1.9%
Derbyshire South Constituency 5.5%
Dewsbury Constituency 8.9%
Dorset South Constituency 3.7%
Dover Constituency 0.4%
Dudley North Constituency 1.1%
Dudley South Constituency 8.9%
Dumfries & Galloway Constituency 5.7%
Ealing Central & Acton Constituency 2.2%
Elmet & Rothwell Constituency 1.4%
Eltham Constituency 7.6%
Gedling Constituency 9.6%
Gillingham & Rainham Constituency 0%
Great Yarmouth Constituency 7.4%
Halesowen & Rowley Regis Constituency 9.7%
Halifax Constituency 8.8%
Hammersmith Constituency 8.4%
Harlow Constituency 0.6%
Harrow East Constituency 6.9%
Hastings & Rye Constituency 2.5%
Hendon Constituency 8.1%
High Peak Constituency 3.8%
Hove Constituency 1%
Ipswich Constituency 1.8%
Keighley Constituency 0.5%
Lancaster & Fleetwood Constituency 8.8%
Leicestershire North West Constituency 9.5%
Lincoln Constituency 9.5%
Loughborough Constituency 3.9%
Milton Keynes North Constituency 1.7%
Milton Keynes South Constituency 3%
Morecambe & Lunesdale Constituency 1.7%
Northampton North Constituency 9%
Northampton South Constituency 3.8%
Nuneaton Constituency 9.7%
Pendle Constituency 5.3%
Plymouth Sutton & Devonport Constituency 1.1%
Poplar & Limehouse Constituency 0.8%
Portsmouth North Constituency 0.8%
Pudsey Constituency 1.7%
Reading West Constituency 1.5%
Redditch Constituency 5.2%
Rossendale & Darwen Constituency 8.4%
Rugby Constituency 5.2%
South Ribble Constituency 5.4%
Stafford Constituency 4%
Stevenage Constituency 8.1%
Stirling Constituency 0.9%
Stourbridge Constituency 2.9%
Stroud Constituency 1.9%
Swindon North Constituency 6.2%
Swindon South Constituency 3.5%
Tamworth Constituency 5.9%
Tynemouth Constituency 1.7%
Vale Of Glamorgan Constituency 3.4%
Warrington South Constituency 9.2%
Warwick & Leamington Constituency 0.3%
Watford Constituency 2.3%
Waveney Constituency 12%
Westminster North Constituency 6.6%
Wirral South Constituency 9.3%
Wolverhampton South West Constituency 5.3%
Worcester Constituency 6.8%

Voting Labour in the above seats will keep the Conservatives out of those areas if enough voters vote tactically.

Conservative Target Seats Currently Controlled by Liberal Democrats

Brecon & Radnorshire Constituency 0.2%
Camborne & Redruth Constituency 7.1%
Carshalton & Wallington Constituency 2.9%
Cheadle Constituency 7.4%
Cheltenham Constituency 0.7%
Chippenham Constituency 4.7%
Cornwall North Constituency 6.9%
Cornwall South East Constituency 1.8%
Devon North Constituency 0.7%
Eastleigh Constituency 1.1%
Hereford & Herefordshire South Constituency 2.4%
Leeds North West Constituency 5%
Newton Abbot Constituency 0.5%
Portsmouth South Constituency 8%
Richmond Park Constituency 7.1%
Romsey & Southampton North Constituency 0.5%
Somerton & Frome Constituency 1.1%
Southport Constituency 9.3%
Sutton & Cheam Constituency 6.2%
Taunton Deane Constituency 3.3%
Torbay Constituency 6%
Truro & Falmouth Constituency 9.3%
Westmorland & Lonsdale Constituency 1.7%
York Outer Constituency 0.4%

Voting Liberal Democrat in the above seats will keep the Conservatives out of those areas if enough voters vote tactically.

Conservative Target Seats Currently Controlled by Other Parties

Angus Constituency 4.2% SNP
Perth & Perthshire North Constituency 3.3% SNP
Wyre Forest Constituency 9.5% ICHC

Voting for the relevant party above will keep the Conservatives out of those areas.

If you think I’ve missed an important parliamentary constituency or made a mistake, please post a comment below.