Comment on Election 2010 Tactical Voting : Keep the Conservatives out of Government by JimBo.

It is the first past the post system that makes a mockery of our electoral system, not tactical voting.
People only feel the need to vote tactically because they feel that it is the only way to make their votes count.


It is not tactical voting that is needed in a First Past The Post electoral system, it is Tactical standing!

Duverger’s law states that FTTP systems favour 2 parties. You clearly state that you are anti-Tory. You seem to imply that if Labour, LibDem & Tory were the leading 3 candidates (as they seem to be in at least 60% of the constituencies) then you are happy to either switch tactically from Lab to Lib, or vice versa. Agreed so far?

If there are so many people like you, why don’t Labour & LibDems form an unofficial alliance, so that only one candidate from either party (the most likely to win against the Tory) is put up? This will test the hypothesis behind tactical voting to destruction, as it will be impossible for all left-leaners to vote un-tactically! Otherwise, calls & pressure to vote tactically seems to set out to pervert the democratic process as it is currently set up.

This way, no complicated system change is required, & the UK can enjoy 100 years of Progressive sunshine…

Any takers, David Laws & Ed Balls?

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