Comment on Election 2010 Tactical Voting : Keep the Conservatives out of Government by Steph.

I see you have my constituency on your list, Shrewsbury and Atcham and told people to vote Labour, LOL. Labour actually came third here, Lib Dems second which was miles behind the conservatives.

I have a friend that doesn’t normally vote Conservative but had to because she had no choice she said. There was a hustings and after seing all 3 candidates for Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems she said there was no way that she could send either of the 2 other chaps down to the house of commons so voted conservative even though she didn’t agree with the conservative policies.

The Lib Dem candidate looked like Harold Shipman, but in truth my other half used to have him as his doctor. In fact he was the family doctor and when my other half’s grandfather was dying of cancer he said there was nothing wrong with him and he didn’t get the treatment he needed as a result. That was the Lib Dem candidate.

The Labour candidate wanted to abolish the some of the smoking shelters in the town, another friend of mine said he kept talking about Union’s and it was a load of rubbish, she voted Conservative too.

Our local Conservative MP is a very nice chap, he’s done a lot for the area and i’ve never heard a bad thing about him.
Next election I suppose you’d still rather have people voting for Harold Shipman though just to keep the Conservatives out, God Help us!